Village of Lake Success 2018 Annual Storm Water Report

Dear Residents,
As we continue to enjoy this beautiful summer, we would like to remind all drivers and pedestrians to be extra careful while traveling on village streets. Please be aware that there are no sidewalks within the village and limited lighting at night.
Additionally, please make sure your home address numbers are visible and illuminated at night to facilitate an emergency response.
Best Regards,
Lt. Mark Staniszewski

The Village Office is now accepting
2018 Fitness Center memberships for
village residents and non- resident golf members for the
January 1 - December 31, 2018 period.
The electronic fitness center access card issued to you for your previous year’s membership will be updated once your application and payment are received.
Completed applications and signed waivers required for all renewals.
Please click here for membership applications, fees and online payment options.
If you have any questions please contact the Lake Success Village Office at 516-482-4411 or

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Residents of the Village have suffered sewer backups into their homes due to some residents throwing items such as Grease, Paper Towels, Disposable Diapers and Wipes, and Feminine products down their toilets and drains.

With just a little bit of help from ALL OF YOU, the Village's sewer lines will operate more effectively and less disruption in service will occur if we all follow these tips below.

Here are a few steps you can take to help prevent this problem:
· Do not put dairy products, fats, oil, grease or greasy foods down the garbage disposal or drain.
· Freeze small amounts of fats, oils and grease in a lidded container and dispose in a trash receptacle.
· Mix small amounts of cooking oil with an absorbent material such as cat litter or coffee grounds, place it in a lidded container and dispose of it in a trash receptacle
· Wipe additional grease from pots, pans and plates with a paper towel before placing them in the sink or dishwasher.

DO NOT dispose of any of the following in your sinks (Bathroom and Kitchen) or toilets:

If you have a sewer backup, please contact our
DPW at 516-482-2559.

Although the Lake Success Police Department has been diligent in keeping the crime of burglary to a minimum, I can not stress enough the importance of you using your alarm to protect your home. By having you home illuminated and alarmed, you will be assisting the Police Department in detering criminal activity.
I appreciate you assistance in keeping our community safe.

Best Regards,
Chief Joseph Gardella

2018 Final Tax Roll is now available.