Tournament Results


Hole-In-One Congratulations!!!

Jeff Halpern
Hole:   6
Club:  4 Hybrid
Distance : 188 yards
Date:  May 19

Alan Ptak
Hole:   6
Club:  3 wood
Distance : 190 yards
Date: June 20

Steve Denkberg
Hole: 11
Club: 4 hybrid
Distance: 169 yards
Date: August 12

Alan Golus
Hole: 17
Club: Driver
Distance: 171 yards
Date: August 20

Ian Miller
Hole: 6
Club: 7 iron
Distance: 135 yards
Date: August 20

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Opening Day Scramble
1st Place Jeff Halpern, Tom Lecher, Jon Bayer, Nissim Seliktar
2nd Place Ed Ford, Steve Levine, Jerry Reisman, Mike Goodman
3rd Place Peter Chang, Bill Zimmerman, Brad Rudman, Mike Wolberger

1st Place John Lundgren and Howard Nagelberg

1st Place  
2nd Place  
3rd Place  

Governor's Cup
  1st Place 2nd place  
Group 1  Guy Warren Randy Buller  
Group 2 Jeff Halpern Andy Ackerman  
Group 3 To Come To Come  
Group 4 Ray Kerstein Michael Cohen  
Group 5 Larry Gross Steve Denkberg  
Group 6 Alan Golus David Milner  
Group 7 Barry Shipper Yair Levy
Group  8 Bob Swersky Mike Wolberger  

Mayor's Cup
  1st Place 2nd place
Group 1 Randy Buller and Robby Feinerman Andy Ackerman and Gerry Garber
Group 2 Steve Shulman and Howard Sturim Mark Haim and Ray Kerstein
Group 3 Steve Denkberg and Vinny Tavella Alex Ma and Jason Sylvan
Group 4 Mike Goodman and Bob Swersky Yair Levy and Roger Roisman

Red, White & Blue
1st place  
2nd Place  (Tie)   

Canadian Two Peat
  Blue Division White DivisioN
1st Low Gross: Drew Fritzhand and Guy Warren Gene Kaplan and Barry Shipper
2nd Low Gross : Mark Kitaeff and Jerry Liss Scott Michaeloff and Howard Nagelberg
1st Low Net: Jim Goldstick and Don Schneidman Steve Clemente and Steve Orshan
2nd Low Net Jim Kipnis and Adam Rothkrug Jonathan Bayer and Larry Gross
3rd Low Net Peter Chang and Jin Song Jeff Kahn and Brad Rudman

Seniors Championship
Division A: Gross Jeff Hessel Randy Buller
  Net  Robby Feinerman Steve Denkberg
Division AA: Gross Larry Baily Andy Ackerman
  Net Mike Wolberger Alan Amsel
Division AAA: Gross Gerry Garber Jay Chudnoff
  Net Archie Abrams Dan Goldstein
Division AAAA: Net George Abrahams  

Club Championship
  1st Place 2nd place 3rd place
Championship Flight Mark Kitaeff Ed Ford  
Flight 1 Steve Shulman Scott Fishbein Archie Abrams
Flight 2 Mike Berger Don Schneidman Adam Rothkrug
Flight 3 Scott Michaeloff George Marks Bill Zimmerman
Flight 4 Rick Sposta Barry Shipper Yair Levy

Qualifiers for Championship Flight

Ken Paseka
Ed Ford
Jeff Halpern
Jerry Liss
Howard Sturim
David Kim
Rob Feinerman

Low Medalist Qualifiers for Club Championship
Championship Flight Ken Paseka
Flight 1 Scott Fisbein
Flight 2 Mike Berger
Flight 3 Scott Frishman
Flight 4 Ian Miller

Parent / Child
  Low Gross: Calloway Low NET
1st Place Jeff and Evan Halpern Ed and Eddie Ford
2nd place  Adam and Ross Hoffman Randy and Blake Buller  

President's Cup
  1st Place 2nd place
FLIGHT 1 Jeff Halpern and Ted Reich Gerry Garber and Mark Haim
FLIGHT 2 Paul Briamonte and John Lundgren Michael Cohen and Mike Strows
FLIGHT 3 Bob Swersky and Bill Zimmerman George Abrahams and George Marks

Mixed Team Scramble
1st low Net Mike & Meri Berger
2nd low Net Jay & Mady Chudnoff
3rd low Net Gene Kaplan & Ariel Baily