The LSGC Board and Tournament Committee encourage all members to participate in as many tournaments as possible. PLEASE: IF YOU CANNOT BE AVAILABLE FOR ALL ROUNDS IN A TOURNAMENT, DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THAT TOURNAMENT. This is a basic courtesy that must be adhered to for the good of all. Players abusing this courtesy may be disqualified from a future tournament at the discretion of the Committee.
Please watch for e-mails, website reminders and announcements posted in the pro shop, locker room and the club�s newsletter for information on upcoming tournaments. Players who do not sign up by the appointed due date will not be guaranteed a spot in the field for that tournament. The Committee will make every effort to accommodate special requests and circumstances. As was the case last season, tournament sign-up will be exclusively through the use of cards in the Pro Shop. Please do not attempt to sign up for a tournament by responding to an e-mail announcement of the upcoming tournament; it will not be accepted.
Finally, in terms of pace of play, players will be held to the same standards for tournaments as for regular play. A tournament is not an excuse for slow play. It is every player�s obligation to maintain the pace of a play of his foursome with the group ahead. Each golfer should be aware of his current index, course handicap and corresponding flight before signing up for any tournament, since different flights are sometimes scheduled to begin play on different days. Our flights, by handicap index, are as follows:

Flight I 0 – 8.9
Flight II 9.0 – 14.1
Flight III 14.2 – 18.8
Flight IV 18.9 and up

The Committee has tried to be responsive to comments and suggestions offered over the past year. We continue to welcome your input. Please contact us or the Club President, John Lundgren, with any complaints (or accolades). We wish everyone a great season.

Ted Reich, Chairman
Dan Goldstein and Vinnie Tavella

Check at First Tee for Type of Play: Summer or Winter Rules

1. All members of LSGC with official USGA handicaps shall be entitled to participate in golf tournaments in Flight. Members without USGA handicaps may apply to the Handicap Committee for assignment of a temporary handicap.

2. All LSGC tournaments are played in accordance with USGA rules, as modified by any local rules. Interpretation of rules is vested in the Tournament Committee. Submit all rules questions to the Marshal in charge of the tournament for decision by him or by the Tournament Committee.

3. In tournament play, a player's USGA Handicap Index as of the day entries close will determine a player's Flight. A player’s handicap as of the first day of play will remain in effect throughout the tournament, regardless of postponements and delays.

4. Members should not enter qualifying rounds if they cannot be available to play all subsequent matches on the scheduled dates. Do not assume that a future opponent will be able to accommodate your schedule. Golfers violating this rule may be subject to disqualification from future tournaments.

5. All tournament rounds must be completed on or before the "play by date" as listed in the schedule. For a match to be scheduled after a "play by date," permission must be given by the Tournament Committee and all contestants who may be playing a subsequent round. If a mutually convenient time to play the match cannot be agreed upon, the Tournament Committee will declare the winner to be the contestant(s) who was able to begin play by 11AM on the "play by date."

6. Except for the Governor's Cup, entries generally close for tournaments at 3 PM on the Sunday before a tournament. Entry cards are always available in the Pro Shop. Print your name, phone number, handicap, and handicap Index on the card. To withdraw from a tournament or request permission for a late entry, contact the Lead Tournament Marshal. Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the Tournament Marshal. Do not call the Pro Shop or the Starter to withdraw.

7. Failure to appear at the scheduled time for a qualifying round or any subsequent tournament round without the permission of a Tournament Marshal in advance will result in disqualification from that tournament, and may result in disqualification from future tournaments.

8. In the event of a tie after completion of the specified number of holes in stroke play qualifying round(s), a sudden death playoff will determine those qualifying for subsequent play. Notwithstanding such playoff, for seeding purposes, any ties among qualifiers will be decided by a match of cards, as recommended in the USGA Rules of Golf. The winner will be the one with the best total score for the last nine holes played. If the tying players have the same score for the last nine holes played, a winner will be determined by the total score for the last six holes, then the last three holes, finally the 18th hole played. In the Seniors' tournament, handicaps will be considered when matching scorecards for net scoring position. If a tie remains after matching cards for holes 10-18, the process will continue with the first hole played. In the event of a tie after completion of the specified number of holes in a tournament, contestants shall play a sudden death playoff to decide a winner. The sudden death playoff will start at the tee of the first hole played that round. Players must be available at the golf course to start a playoff immediately after completion of a qualifying round. This procedure will apply unless otherwise specified by the Committee for any Tournament.

9. Please check in with the Tournament Marshal and be ready at the tee 20 minutes before the designated starting time.

10. In match play and best-ball tournaments, a player who has no chance of halving or winning a hole should pick up his ball in order to speed play. For handicap purposes, a player who picks up should post the score for the hole that he feels he most likely would have made had he completed the hole (less any equitable stroke control adjustment).

11. A golfer may play down one flight in any tournament except the President's Cup and Club Championship. If you choose to play down, you'll play at the maximum handicap of that flight.

12. Scorecards must be signed, attested to, and turned in to the scorer immediately after completion of play.

13. Each player is responsible for posting his adjusted score after each round. FAILURE TO POST SCORES CAN RESULT IN HANDICAP ADJUSTMENT or DISQUALIFICATION.

14. Players in a tournament must be accompanied by a caddy or use a motorized cart.

15. Players who fail to post scores for each round played may be assigned a handicap for tournament play by the Handicap Committee.

16. Slow play may result in foursomes being instructed to skip a hole to catch up. In match play, players will play a shortened round, with no return to the skipped hole(s). In stroke play, a player's score for a skipped hole will be a net double-bogey. Excessive slow play will result in disqualification.