Tournament Results


Hole-In-One Congratulations!!!

Opening Day Scramble
1st Place Cathy Ohasi, Hyun Kim, Eileen Kim, Young Kounne
2nd Place (tie) Esther Lee, Susan Lee, Jennifer Cho, Jenny Shin
  Ellen Asnis, Terri Lee, Dong Sur

Sweet & Sour
1st Place Agnes Chang
2nd Place Rosa Choi
3rd Place (TIE) Jenny Song
Susan Lee

1, 2 & 3
1st place Steven Lee, Jenny Song, Agnes Chang, Peter Chang

1st Place (TIE) Agnes Chang & Jenny Shin
  Lila Rothman & Sue Goldman

3 Way Nassau
Front (Tie) Sophia Koo Eileen Kim
Back Mindy Lee  
Overall (Tie) Mindy Lee Sophia Koo

Partner's Better Ball
1st Place Kyung Sul & Soo Choi
2nd Place Linda Handsman & Mili Hsueh  

9 Holes Count
Front Kyung Sul
Back Mindy Lee

Red, White & Blue
1st Place Steven Lee, Jenny Song, Agnes Chang, Peter Chang

1st Place Joan Chao
Eileen Kim
Joanna Ambron
Jenny Song
Chris Seo

Friend Fore a Day
1st place  
2nd Place  
3rd Place  
4th Place  

The Long and The Short of It
Long Short
  Esther Lee
Rosa Choi
Esther Lee
Mili Hseuh

Bingo, Bango, Bongo
1st place 2nd Place
FLIGHT 1 Sophia Koo
Jenny Song
Flight 2 Young Kounne Eileen Kim

Club Championship
  Christine Choe Sophie Jang

President's Cup
  Hyun Joo Kim Soo Choi

Parent / Child
  Low Gross: Calloway Low NET
1st Place    
2nd place      

Ryder Cup
1st Place Hyun Joo Kim & Jennifer Cho
2nd place Rosa Choi & Esther Lee

Mixed Team Scramble
1st low Net Jay & Mady Chudnoff
2nd low Net Mike & Merri Berger
3rd low Net Larry & Ariel Baily
Most Honest Alan Golus & Sue Goldman

Closing Tournament
1st Place (4-some)  
1st Place (3-some)  
 2nd Place (4-some)