All tournaments will be played in accordance with U.S.G.A. rules as modified by local rules. Check the scorecard for revised local rules.
Interpretation of the rules is vested in the Tournament and Rules Committees only. In case of a conflict in the rules, the U.S.G.A. Rules of Golf will take precedence.


 A minimum field of 8 players is required for any tournament. In-flight major tournaments are expected to have at least 8 entrants in each flight. At the discretion of the tournament committee, a flight with fewer entrants may be allowed. In the event that a flight is eliminated, entrants in that flight will have the option of participating in the next lower flight but must play to the maximum handicap in that flight.


Each player must have a current certified G.H.I.N. handicap. Check your current handicap prior to the start of each tournament. A player’s handicap will be the posted G.H.I.N. handicap on the day of play, except that a player’s handicap cannot exceed the limit for the flight she is competing in.
New members may apply to the Handicap Committee for assignment of a temporary handicap for the Opening Day Tournament only.

Each player is responsible for posting her own adjusted score after each round. However, if a player fails to post a score, the score may be posted by the handicap committee without the player’s authorization.



Members are required to post 9-hole scores, which will be held in the computer until another 9-hole score is entered and will then be converted to an 18-hole score


Flight parameters for 2014 will be as follows:
Flight I 0-22
Flight II 23-29
Flight III 30-36

Flight parameters are subject to change throughout the season. However, any changes will be posted at least 2 weeks prior to effective date of change and will not affect tournaments already in progress.


Sign-up sheets will be posted on the bulletin board in the Pro Shop at the start of the season. The deadline for signing up for a particular tournament is 3 PM on the Saturday before the tournament. Late entries will be permitted at the discretion of the Tournament Committee and the Tournament Marshals.
Members should not enter the major tournaments if they have no reasonable expectation of being available to play subsequent matches on scheduled dates. Should a player qualify and then learn she cannot compete further, she should notify the tournament marshal immediately so that another player can be substituted.


All tournaments will be scheduled as shotguns except where otherwise noted. All players should be in their carts by 8:15 AM in order to be ready to tee off promptly at 8:30 AM. Late arrivals will be permitted to play at the discretion of the Tournament Marshals and if so permitted, will be assessed the appropriate penalty.


Cancellations must be made by 9 PM the night prior to the tournament, to the Marshal of the day. If a last minute emergency makes cancellation necessary, the player must call the Pro Shop before 8 AM the day of the tournament.


No tournament will be canceled before 9:30 AM, unless the course is closed. Players must appear at scheduled times. If the course is playable by 10 AM, the field will go off as a shotgun if possible.
In the event of bad weather, when part of the field has started play, players will be instructed to mark their balls, come back to the Pro Shop, and wait for a determination from the Tournament Committee the Tournament Marshals as to whether or not the tournament will be cancelled. In a major tournament, if the course is closed on the scheduled date for any round, the new date for that round will be the next scheduled date. All rounds will be similarly rescheduled and the last round will be played 1 week after the original scheduled date.


Players are responsible for their own scores. Two scorecards must be submitted for each foursome. Each card must be dated and attested by each member of the foursome. In the event of a question or dispute, do not attest the card. Report the problem to the Tournament Marshals or Rules and Grievance Committee.
All putts must be holed out except in match play and better-ball tournaments. A PLAYER HAVING NO CHANCE OF HALVING OR WINNING THE HOLE IS REQUESTED TO PICK UP HER BALL IN ORDER TO SPEED PLAY.
Add no more than 2 strokes (up to your maximum allowed under ESC) to the number of strokes already played.


All questions regarding rules should be submitted to the Rules and Grievance Committee for final decision. ALL GRIEVANCES MUST BE SUBMITTED IN WRITING.


In order to expedite the completion of tournaments and relieve participants of the burden of scheduling matches, the committee has scheduled all major tournament rounds. Tee times will be arranged for you. Please note the dates in the schedule and do not sign up unless you expect to be available on ALL of the scheduled dates.
Failure to complete a round on the posted play-date will result in a forfeiture of the match. PLEASE NOTE: In partnership tournaments, the match may be played even if only one of the partners is available on a particular date.


The number of prizes awarded for each tournament will be determined by the size of the field.


In qualifying rounds for match play tournaments, ties for seeding for 1st - 7th place are broken by a match of cards. In ties for 8th place, a match of cards, starting with the back 9 shall determine the winner. In the event of a tie in Partner’s Better Ball, contestants shall go on to play a minimum of four holes to determine a winner. If still tied after four holes, they shall play sudden death. In Club Championship, ties will be broken by sudden death. In the event of a tie in single day tournaments, the winner shall be determined by a match of cards if necessary.


During tournament play, your round should be completed in the allotted time. All golfers are expected to complete 18 holes in no more than 4 hours 30 minutes and to keep pace with the group in front of them. If there is an open hole in front of your group and the group behind requests to play through, you must either speed up your play or allow the group to play through. If your group fails to close the gap and refuses to step aside, you will be subject to penalty, which may include disqualification, at the discretion of the tournament committee.


Players seeking to play in Met team matches must play in at least three tournaments of the Lake Success Women’s Golf Club. Social Tournaments (1, 2, 3, Red, White & Blue, Mixed Team Classic, and Parent/Child) will also be counted toward this minimum.


Members playing in NWGA and/or MET, must have $100 and/or $150 on account (per membership) at the start of the golf season and must also maintain a minimum balance of $50 throughout the season. Contact our NWGA representative to keep your account up to date. When charging at the host course, please use your Lake Success membership number on all chits and sign and please print your name legibly.