Lake Success Women’s Golf Club

2018 Tournament Schedule 

Tue April  24 MET
Thurs April 26 MET
Thurs April 19 NWGA @ Lake Success (Flights 1 & 2)
Thurs  April 19 NWGA @ Lawrence (Flights 2 & 3
Tue May 1 MET
Thurs May 3 MET @ Lake Success
Tue May 8 MET
Thurs May 10 NWGA @ Rockville Links (Flight 2)
Tue May 15 Opening Day Tournament & Luncheon Players matched by Committee. All players tee off. Best tee shot is chosen and players except the player whose ball is chosen, hit from that position. Continue in this manner until the ball is holed out.
Thurs  May 17 NWGA @ Towers (Flight 3)
Tue May 22 NWGA @ Indian Hills (Flight 1)
Tue May 22 Sweet & Sour Each player counts 8 best holes and 1 worst hole. All four scores totaled.
Mon May 28 Memorial Day Tournament Stroke Play
Make your own foursomes of 2 guys & 2 gals. Use the score of the 3 best balls of the foursome on Par 3’s, the 2 best balls on Par 4’s and the 1 best ball on Par 5’s in order to get your total score. Entry fee (TBA) includes dinner and prizes.
Tue Jun 5 Pinehurst Mixed Flight   Scoring: Net Players choose their partners. On par 4’s and 5’s, each partner tees off, then hits partner’s tee shot. The best 2nd shot is chosen. Partners take turns hitting until ball is holed. On par 3’s, the best tee shot is chosen.
Tue Jun 12 Flag Tournament Mixed Flight  Players are assigned a number of strokes based on handicap. When the number of strokes is played, player plants her flag at that spot. Player whose flag is closest to the 18th hole is the winner. Players continue playing after their flags are planted in order to complete their score for posting purposes.
Tue Jun 19 Partner's Better Ball In-Flight  Scoring: Net Qualifying round is stroke play. Better net score of the partnership is used for each hole. Partnerships seeded for subsequent rounds based on qualifying round net scores. Subsequent rounds will be match play. Subsequent rounds are to be played on dates listed below unless all players agree to an earlier date
Tue Jun 26 3 Way Nassau Mixed Flight   Scoring: Net Play is according to the rules of golf. Winners for best front 9, best back 9, and best net score for the entire 18 holes.
Tue Jul 3  Partner's Better Ball Final

Odds & Evens

Mixed Flight Scoring: Net
Play according to the rules of golf. Winners for lowest score on odd-numbered holes, lowest score on even-numbered holes and lowest score overall.
Wed Jul 4 Independence Day Tournament Mixed Team Scramble
 AT LEAST ONE PERSON ON EACH TEAM MUST BE A CLUB MEMBER. Teams of 2 men and 2 women play a scramble format. Tee off from assigned tees. 6 holes are played from the red tees, 6 from the white tees and 6 from the blue tees. Best tee shot is chosen and all players, except the player whose ball is chosen, hit from that position. Play continues in this fashion until the team holes out. Everyone putts the chosen ball once it is on the green. At least 3 tee shots from each player must be used. Teams will be handicapped. PLAYERS WITHOUT A USGA HANDICAP WILL BE ASSIGNED A HANDICAP BY TOURNAMENT MARSHALS.
Tue Jul 10 Skins In Flight  Scoring: Net Players are given play money to bet. At the start of each hole, each player in the foursome puts money in the pot. The winner of the hole wins the pot. If there is no winner, the money is carried over in the pot. Player in each group with the most money is a winner. There will also be an overall winner based on the amount of money won.
Tue Jul 17 Friend Fore a Day Mixed Flight   Scoring: Net & Gross Best 2 ball score, net & gross will determine winners.
Tue Jul 24 9 Holes Count Front or Back
Tue Jul 31 Club Championship The first round will be Medal play for seeding. The tournament format will be 3 Match Play rounds w/o hcp. 1st Round is Thursday, August 2 2nd Round is Tuesday, August 7 Final Round is Thursday, August 9
President’s Cup Net score for two Medal Play rounds will be added together to determine the winner
Thurs Aug 2 Club Championship 1st round)
Tue Aug 7 Club Championship  
Thurs Aug 9 Club Championship Final
Tue Aug 14 Ryder Cup Mixed Flight   Scoring: Net
Pick your own partner. Play a Pinehurst on the front nine and Better Ball of the Partnership on the back nine
Tue Aug 28 Bingo Bango Bongo Cocktail Party You get a point if your tee shot lands in the fairway. You get a point if you get to the green in regulation or less (i.e. 1 shot on a par 3, 2 shots on a par 4, and 3 shots on a par 5) and you also get a point if you have the fewest putts of your foursome on a given hole. You have a chance to win three points on any hole in the tournament. Player with the most points at the end of 18 holes wins in each foursome.
Mon Sep 3 Labor Day Tournament 18 Hole Pinehurst and Dinner. All men play form blue tees. AT LEAST ONE MEMBER OF EACH TEAM MUST BE A CLUB MEMBER IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE. Pick your partner. Pay greens and carts fees directly. The entry fee (to be announced) covers dinner only. Tee times are by luck of draw. Play is at 100% average handicap of couple. On par 4 and par 5 holes, each partner hits a tee shot, then hits partner’s ball. Best ball is then selected as the “team ball.” Players then alternate shots until the team ball is holed. On par 3 holes, partners select one tee shot and then alternate shots until the team ball is holed. Winner and runner-up prizes based on participation.
Tue Sep 11 4 Club Monte Each player chooses 4 clubs plus a putter and removes all other clubs from her bag. Winner will be the players with the lowest net scores.
Thurs Sept 13 NWGA @ Inwood (Flight 3)
Tue Sep 18 Long & Short in-flight. Scoring: net Two tournaments in one! Win prizes for best overall score and fewest putts.
Tue Sep 25 Closing Tournament & Luncheon Mixed Team. Scoring: gross Players matched by Committee. All players tee off. Best tee shot is chosen and all players except the player whose ball is chosen, hit from that position. All putt. Continue until ball is holed out.
Thurs Sept 27 NWGA @ Hamlet (Flight 2)
Thurs Sept 27 NWGA @ Cedarbrook (Flight 1)
Thurs  Oct 18 NWGA @ North Hempstead (Flight 1)
Thurs  Oct 18 NWGA @ Garden City (Flight 2)
Thurs Oct 18 NWGA @ VC of Sands Point (Flight 3)
Thurs Oct 23 NWGA @ Brookville (Flight 1)
Thurs  Oct 23 NWGA @ Seawane (Flight 2)
Thurs Oct 23 NWGA @ Old Westbury (Flight 3)