Course Etiquette

1. Before teeing off, please ascertain the "Rules of the Day" posted at the 1st and 10th tee areas, and abide by same.

2. Replace all divots if possible, or fill fairway divots with mix provided.

3. Repair ball marks on greens.

4. Enter and leave traps at the lowest level of the trap. Before leaving trap, sand must be smoothed over with rake and rakes are to be left outside the trap.

5. Low handicap golfer is team captain and is responsible to see that ball marks and divots are repaired and sand traps raked.

6. Do not, under any circumstances, hold down sprinkler heads or tamper with the irrigation system. Anyone caught tampering with the system will be held responsible for the any damage and will have their golf privileges suspended.

7. Pick up golf tees. Tees left in or on the ground may damage equipment, which is very costly to repair.

8. Place papers and other refuse in the receptacles provided.

9. Observe "Ground Under Repair" Markers and roped off areas. do not play in those areas.

10. No carts, including pull carts, are permitted on the tees, aprons around the greens or bunkers at any time.

11. Dress Code: The following is a guideline for reference and may be changed at any time by the Golf Commission. Proper golf attire is required for everyone using the golf course, driving range and other areas connected with the golf course. Attire such as tennis shorts, cargo pants, gym shorts, swimsuits, halter tops, tank tops, tee shirts, and jeans are not permitted. Tucked in shirts with collars (or mock collars), slacks or knee length walking shorts are considered appropriate attire for men and women. Women may wear shirts with a finished hem untucked if so styled. Golf shoes or sneakers are required on the golf course and practice areas. Shoes with metal spikes are not permitted. Inappropriately dressed golfers will be asked to change before playing. Misuse or disregard of these rules may cause privileges to be revoked or suspended.

13. Players should avoid delay in play. No practice shots, retrying putts or lingering on green after holing out. play ready golf.

14. Extreme caution must be observed when playing shots while other players may be in range, either on the same hole, or on adjoining holes. Remember to yell "fore" when necessary.

15. All golfers must have a golf bag and at least 5 golf clubs while playing the golf course.

16. Membership does not guarantee that players can always tee off at the time they request.

17. Children under 12 may not play on the Golf Course, practice green or driving range unless they are in the Junior Golf Clinic Program or certified by the Pro as able to play, and must abide by Junior Golf Clinic Program Rules posted with the Starter and Pro Shop. Each child is limited to 9 holes after 4 PM for a fee of $10.00 and shall be accompanied by a parent. Children under 10 years of age must walk and be accompanied by a non-playing parent.

18. Golf clubs, golf bags, or handcarts may not be stored in the locker rooms.

19. Starters and Rangers are employees of the Village of Lake Success and are responsible for controlling the pace of play and enforcing the rules and regulations. Players should not subject these individuals to abuse during the performance of their duties.

20. Report hazardous conditions immediately to the Ranger, Starter or Pro Shop.

21. Any exceptions to the aforementioned rules require the permission of the Golf Commissioner.

22. Infraction of any rules and regulations by a player, subjects the offender to such penalties as may be prescribed by the Grievance Committee of the Golf Commission, which has authority to suspend or terminate any and all privileges. Final interpretation of all rules, regulations, and standards of conduct is vested in the Golf Commission.

Rules for Practice Areas:

1. The driving range is available to members, daily players and guests on day of play only.

2. When the golf course is closed, all golf facilities, including the practice areas, driving range, bunkers, putting and chipping areas, are also closed.

3. Range balls are provided free of charge at the chipping area and are not to be removed.

4. Range balls are not allowed on the practice putting green or on the golf course.

5. Only golf balls provided by our Pro Shop may be used on the driving range.

6. No shag bags or retrieval of balls is permitted on the driving range.

7. Our driving range is limited to shots of no more than 200 yards. Please limit your club selection accordingly.

8. Deliberately hitting range balls into the lake is forbidden.

9. Any unauthorized use of range balls or any practice facility may result in disciplinary action being taken, including, but not limited to, suspension of golf privileges.


A fresh ball mark takes only 5 seconds to repair…

A freshly repaired ball mark will completely heal in 24 hours

Ball marks left unrepaired for only 1 hour require 15 days to heal.