Leave of Absence

A Leave of Absence (LOA) will be available to a non-resident member for any reason. The non-refundable Leave of Absence Fee is 20% of the applicable annual category dues. A member will be considered to have taken a Leave of Absence when the LOA Fee has been paid. During the LOA, the member may play golf at Lake Success only as a guest.

A non-resident member may apply for a LOA by submitting the completed application with the appropriate fee to the Village Office by the due date for renewal applications.

A fully paid up member who takes a LOA after paying the full amount of annual dues will be given a pro rata refund of their dues based on the following schedule:

A fully paid up member who takes a LOA after paying the full amount of annual dues will be given a pro rata refund of their dues based on the following schedule:

Application for LOA Amount to be Refunded
Prior to 3/15 100% of annual dues less LOA fee
By 4/30 70% of annual dues less LOA fee
By 5/31 55% of annual dues less LOA fee
By 6/30 40% of annual dues less LOA fee

After June 30th no refund of dues will be considered.

The LOA Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable to the following year.

If a couple applies for a LOA, both members must pay the LOA fee. Either member may return to full status without the return of the other. In the event that the Associate member wishes to be reinstated, the Senior member must maintain a LOA and pay the fee. If the Senior member resigns as a member, for any reason other than illness or death, the Associate member must become a Senior or Senior Single Restricted member, unless that couple had been a former Resident couple.

In the event of the death of a Non-Resident member who has taken a LOA, the Commission will initiate the refund procedure with the Board of Trustees.

Reinstatement After a Leave Of Absence

A member who has been given a Leave of Absence may apply for reinstatement to full playing status at any time. At the end of the first LOA, the member, upon application and payment, will be reinstated as a full member. If the reinstatement is applied for by May 31st, the LOA fee paid will be applied to the balance due for the annual fee and the member will be reinstated. If the application is made after May 31st, the following schedule will be adhered to:

Apply for Reinstatement Balance Due Village
After 5/31 LOA fee + 70% of annual dues
After 6/30 LOA fee + 60% of annual dues
After 7/31 LOA fee + 50% of annual dues
After 8/31 LOA fee + 40% of annual dues

A 2nd or 3rd LOA will be given for any reason, with payment of the appropriate fee and application. Reinstatement will be on a "space available" basis. (The member will be placed on a priority list, not being guaranteed a spot.) Members returning after a 2nd LOA will have priority over those returning after the 3rd LOA.

The LOA fee paid is nonrefundable. If the member does not rejoin, the fee is forfeited. If a member is not reinstated after a 2nd LOA because there is no space available, he/she will be required to pay an additional fee for the 3rd year, equal to the LOA fee which will be applied to the Annual Membership fee when the space is available. If the member chooses not to join when the space is available, the fee will be forfeited and the member's name will be removed from all lists.

No member will be given a LOA for more than three consecutive years.

A member may reapply for a LOA after one year of full membership and it shall be deemed a first Leave of Absence.