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July 11, 2017

Dear Residents:

It finally looks like the cold rainy spring might be past us and beautiful summer days are upon us. Hopefully we all can get out and enjoy the many benefits our Village has to offer.

I am writing to give you updates on a few important issues that are affecting the Village and to let you know about some exciting, upcoming events that have been planned by our committees.

In previous mayor’s letters, the issue of not- for- profit entities buying Village commercial properties and taking them off the Village’s tax rolls was of major concern to the Village. The major entity we were concerned with was the Northwell Health System. Northwell has been buying most of the available properties in the village around their campus off of Lakeville Road. Although the Village has always been able to negotiate a PILOT (payment if lieu of taxes) with the hospital, the PILOT was never at 100 percent of what full value would be if a commercial tenant owned the property. I am happy to report that I held a meeting with the hospital administration and was able to negotiate a new services agreement with them that will get us close to the full amount of taxes due on each Northwell owned property.

On another budgetary matter, I believe we have made some changes in the personnel structure of our police department and police budget that will allow for a leveling off of our police costs as a percentage of the total Village budget. With the changes we have made the Board expects overtime costs to drop dramatically over the next year. We have already have seen a drop in the last two quarters.

We, as a Board, will continually strive to save costs wherever possible.

I want to also take this opportunity to alert you to a few Village code matters. First, while it is against our code, we have been lenient with respect to allowing cars to park on our roadways during the day. However, effective September 1st the police will start enforcing the Village parking code. For the first two months cars parked on the street will receive warning notices. After the grace period violators will receive a $50 summons. We are taking the enforcement seriously as our police chief believes that cars parked on the street creates safety issues on our winding narrow streets. It also will help out police notice any unusual activity in the neighborhood when they see an unknown car parked in front of someone’s home. If there is room in your driveway, please do not leave your car on the roadway. When you are having a function or guests at your home that will result in your guests parking on roadways, please call the police to inform them. Our dispatchers are prepared to handle your phone call. In addition, make sure your guests park on the same side of the street so as to allow easier access for emergency vehicles to make it through our streets if needed. Also, the police will provide you with “no parking” signs that can be placed on the opposite side of the street to avoid cars parking opposite each other. The police will ask that a car be removed from the roadway if it causes a hazardous condition. We are trying to use common sense when it comes to this issue and if there is no good reason to park on the roadway, please do not do it.

Second, if you are doing construction on your home or are building a new home, please remember there is no construction or work allowed on the weekends or Federal holidays. Work is allowed Monday thru Friday from 8am to 6pm. In addition, the construction site MUST be maintained. Grass must be cut. All garbage and debris must be disposed of or kept neatly in a dumpster. If there are violations of these rules the homeowner will receive a summons. There are no warnings. If the building department or the police see or get a call about work being done outside the code timeframe, a summons will be issued.

Now on to the great events that have been planned by the hardworking committee members for this summer. The park and pool are in full swing. Once again the park commission has planned movie nights on the following evenings; Friday August 4th and September 1st and Saturday, October, 28. In addition, on August 4th, there will be a family fun night at the pool from 5pm to 8pm before the movie. Water aerobics is three times a week at 11am to 12 noon on Sundays and Monday and Thursdays from 6pm to 7pm. There is also a Men’s and Women’s tennis league. You can contact the Village office for more info. Please be on the look-out for future post cards and emails for all events. Remember the park is now on social media. Follow all that’s happening on Facebook at Lake Success Park Page and Instagram page at lakesuccesspark.

On Saturday August 5th from 5:00pm to 8:30pm the village is planning The LAKE SUCCESS BLOCK PARTY ON THE VILLAGE GREEN. The event will be a first for the village. We will provide a free barbeque for village residents which will include hamburgers, hot dogs, steak, chicken and veggie burgers for all. We will also include all sides and nonalcoholic beverages. For dessert there will be a Mr. Softee truck and an Italian ice truck. In addition we will have live entertainment featuring the band “Half Step” who covers the music of the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan and the Beatles. We invite you to bring your friends and relatives. Food for non VLS residents will be $10 per person and $5 for children under 12. Bring chairs and tables, come out meet your neighbors, enjoy some great music and let’s have a fun time together.

The Village Club also has a summer full of events for your dining and entertaining pleasure. Don’t forget the White Party on Friday July 28th. We also have Friday night Gastro Pub dinners from 4pm- 8pm for the months of July and August at the Club and the popular Sunday Surf and Turf night also for the months of July and August. Contact the Grill Room at 516-829-5364 for information and reservations.

That is it for now, I hope the nice weather brings health and happiness to you and your family.


Adam C. Hoffman