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Parking/Overnight Parking

RESIDENTS: Be advised that the Village Code prohibits the parking of vehicles on all streets within the Village. If you have guests staying at your home and find a need to park vehicles in front of your home, please call the Police Department to be put on the permission list. We will make every effort to accommodate your need. (link to the Village Ordinance)

School Traffic Safety:

  • During the school season, be alert for children traveling to and from our schools and watch for buses around schools and in your neighborhood.
  • Observe all traffic signs and crossing guard directions.
    Never pass a stopped school bus with its red lights flashing and/or its stop sign extended.
  • Park and unload children across the street from school.
  • Double park, park on the sidewalk or in crosswalks or in 'no parking' or in 'no stopping' zones even 'just a minute.'
As a courtesy, the Lake Success Police Department will allow parents to park their vehicles only on the Northwest side of Robbins Lane during regular school drop-off and pick-up times. Vehicles parked or standing within the marked 'No Parking Zone' will be ticketed.

Move Over Slow Down

New York's Move Over Law:
Drivers must use due care when approaching an emergency vehicle that displays red and/or white emergency lighting. The 'Move Over' law is aimed at protecting emergency responders working along the roadside. Forty-nine U.S. states have passed move over laws, which were promoted in response to increasing roadside fatalities in the line of duty. The law requires drivers, upon noticing either emergency vehicle with sirens or flashing lights, to move away from the vehicle by one lane, or if that is not possible, slow down by 20 mph (32kmh) below the posted speed limit. This includes law enforcement vehicles, fire trucks and ambulances.

What are you required by law to do if you are approaching an emergency vehicle with its' emergency lights on:

  • On all roads and highways, drivers MUST reduce speed.
  • On parkways, interstates, and other controlled access highways with multiple lanes, drivers MUST move from the lane immediately adjacent to the emergency vehicle, UNLESS traffic or other hazards exist to prevent doing so safely.
Move Over and Slow Down!
It's The Law!

Social Host Law

Q: What is the Social Host Law?
A: The primary purpose of the Social Host Law is to deter underage drinking parties or gatherings where adults knowingly allow minors to drink alcohol or alcoholic beverages. The law applies to any adult (including parents) who is over the age of 18 and who knowingly allows consumption of alcohol to minors (any person under the age of 21) at the adult's residence.

Q: Who can be charged?
A: Anyone who is over the age of 18; and
1.) Owns, rents, or otherwise controls a private residence; and
2.) Knowingly allows the consumption of alcohol or alcoholic beverages by any minor on such premises; or fails to take reasonable corrective action upon learning of the consumption of alcohol or alcoholic beverages by any minor on such premises.

Q: What is 'Reasonable Corrective Action'?
A: Reasonable Corrective actions shall include, but not be limited to:
  • Making a prompt demand that the minor stop drinking the alcoholic beverage or leave the premises; and
  • If the minor refuses to comply with the request, the adult must promptly report the underage drinking to:
    • local law enforcement; or
    • to any other person with greater degree of authority over the minor (e.g., the minor's parents or guardians, etc.)
Q: What are the penalties?
A:     1st Offense: $250.00
        2nd Offense: $250.00-$500.00
        3rd Offense: $1,000.00 and/or up to a year in jail

Q: Why is this law needed?
A: This law provides a legal basis for holding adults responsible for knowingly allowing parties for youths under 21 to occur on their property whether or not they provided the alcohol.

Note: This law does not apply to a parent who both expressly permits his or her minor child to consume the alcoholic beverage and who is present with the minor at the time of consumption.

Read more about the Social Host Law
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