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Operation "Safe Home" is a cooperative effort amongst police personnel and members of the community to deter criminal activity in the Village of Lake Success. In addition to routine patrol, the LSPD will be doing the following:

Increased patrol around burglary prone locations; this will include, but is not limited to:
  • Known vacant residences; homes in the immediate vicinity of construction sites; homes which are easily accessed by a public highway; and homes less visible from the street line.
  • Low profile patrol: When feasible, a low profile/unmarked vehicle will be assigned solely to burglary patrol. If allotted by man-power, two officers will be assigned to this vehicle.
  • Preliminary Investigations: Officers will be proactive in investigating suspicious persons/vehicles in the area. Blotter events and field interviews will be completed and tracked by the "Safe Home" coordinator. Arrests will be made when appropriate.
To both maximize our efforts and insure public safety, it is recommended that residents of Lake Success do the following:
  • Notify Police Headquarters via telephone at 482-4600 if you are going to leave your residence vacant for an extended period of time.
  • Notify the police if you see suspicious persons/vehicles in the area.
  • Notify Police Headquarters if it is necessary to park a vehicle in the street overnight.
  • Make sure your alarm systems are updated and working properly.
  • Have your house numbers clearly displayed and illuminated.
  • Install sensor lights if possible.
  • Update your emergency contacts on file at LSPD Headquarters.
Operation "Safe Home" will help continue to keep the Village of Lake Success one of the safest communities on Long Island. Any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact "Safe Home" coordinator Lt. Mark Staniszewski at 482-4600. Thank you for your cooperation.
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