Lake Success Summer Camp

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2024 Camp Application

Dear Village Residents:

The Lake Success Summer Nursery Camp Board is currently preparing for the 2024 summer session. Camp will be in session from Thurs., June 27 to Fri., August 9, 2024 (off on Thurs. and Fri., July 4 to 5).

The Lake Success Summer Nursery Camp is open to all children and grandchildren of residents who will be three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, or eleven years old by December 1, 2024. Ours is a resident-founded non-profit camp dedicated to the children and grandchildren of the Village of Lake Success. We endeavor to provide a safe and activities-packed summer experience for your children. Our goal is to provide an engaging environment for our campers to try new things, build friendships and most importantly be kids! Many of our counselors are returning alumni; they have returned to the camp as they want to ensure the next group of children in Lake Success can have the same phenomenal experience!

We are proud to have the amazing village resources as our playground and our camp facility is safely situated above the Lake Success Police Department. Your children will be surrounded by their neighbors and classmates and many of the younger children find it helps boost their confidence in seeing and learning new things when they join Parkville and Lakeville with all their friends from camp.

The residency requirements must be established by June 1, 2024:

· Section A116-2 (A): A resident shall be a person or a member of the household of a person who either owns and occupies or rents and occupies, for not less than the minimum periods provided in Section A116-3 and A116-4, a dwelling in the Village.

· Section A116-4 (B): Proof of residency shall be required from the person applying for recreational use privileges and shall be verified by the commissions of the recreational facilities.

Camp is being planned in accordance with the New York State Department of Health, COVID-19 Best Practice Guidance for Children’s Camps. Camp will utilize the outdoor village space to the fullest extent possible where campers will be doing various sports activities and swimming along with formal instruction and daily entertainment will be invited to camp to be enjoyed outdoors.

The Village of Lake Success requires the pool memberships for all campers. This pool membership must be obtained directly from the Village Office prior to the child’s first day of camp. 2024 fees will be determined by the Village. Below are the membership categories.

· Resident Family Membership

· Non-Resident Family Membership of Resident Grandparents

· Non-Resident Individual Membership for Camper (Sponsored by Resident Family)

We accept enrollments on a first come basis until each age group has reached its maximum limit. Early bird discount of $150 off each camper’s full tuition is only applicable for applications received by Wed., February 14, 2024. If interested in camp, it is highly recommended to sign up for camp promptly as the deposit is refundable until May 1, 2024. Please see the camp application forms for additional details.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at We look forward to an exciting summer together.

The Lake Success Camp Board

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2023 Camp Video

2023 Camp Handbook