Village Ordinances

Signs & Billboards

No signs, posters, or banners, etc., may be erected or maintained without approval by the Board of Trustees, and the necessary permit issued by the Village Clerk.


Parking is forbidden on Village streets, on paved portions of County and State highways, or interfering with egress and ingress from driveways. No commercial vehicles may be kept in your driveway or on the street.

Speed Limits on Village Streets

Shall not exceed twenty miles per hour, or as posted on main thoroughfares.

Corner Shrubs

Shall not exceed heights that will obstruct visibility to cars driving by.


No dog shall be off a leash on Village streets. Dog droppings must be removed by owner if deposited on Village streets or neighbor's property.

Noise and Lights

Excessive noise and bright lights that extend beyond your property shall not annoy your neighbors and are governed by the Village code book.

Property Maintenance

You must maintain your property in such a manner that does not affect your neighbor's enjoyment of his property, such as open fires, height of grass, etc.


Soliciting is prohibited in the Village, unless by special permit and application to the Village Clerk.


It is forbidden to throw or drop litter of any kind on any street or public place within the Village; also littering of private property including vacant lots is forbidden.


Posting signs, posters or bankbills is forbidden including advertising signs on utility poles or trees.

Street Openings and Curb Cuts

No one shall make any hole or cut any Village street or curb without obtaining a permit from the Village office.


No new driveway may be constructed on residential property without a permit.

Sidewalks and Drains

The owner of any property is responsible for maintenance of any sidewalks and drains in front of their property, including removal of snow and ice.


No open fires or leaf burning is permitted.

Burglar Alarms

Alarms which are audible outside of the house must have automatic cutoffs which stop the sound after 15 minutes.


A Village permit must be obtained for any construction or renovation of your home.

Removal, Destruction or Alteration of Trees

An application must be obtained from the Village, along with a letter from arborist stating the purpose and site showing location of tree(s) to be removed.

Display of House Numbers

It has come to the attention of the Village Office that many homes do not display and/or illuminate the house number as required by Village Code.

The purpose of these regulations is to require the clear display of house numbers on every building and to provide property illumination for safety and security. This code is for the safety of everyone in our Village and for those that may need to respond to any emergencies that may arise including fire and medical. This law applies to all homes in the Village including those owners that are on vacation, traveling, or otherwise away.

Size and display of numbers.
(1) The Arabic numerals comprising the number to be displayed on a building shall be at least three inches in height and shall be placed on the front of the building in a prominent and conspicuous place to be plainly legible and visible, including being appropriately lit between sunset and sunrise, from the center of the street at all times. The color of the numbers shall be in sharp contrast to the color of their background. Please insure that your home complies with the Village Code,

Chapter 60: Health, Safety and Sanitation, ยง 60-7 Numbering of buildings. The Law States: Noncompliance will be deemed a violation.