Board of Trustees
Adam Hoffman Trustee
Adam Hoffman
Gene Kaplan Trustee
Gene Kaplan
Deputy Mayor

The New York State Legislature by enactment known as the "Village Law" determines how all village governments are organized and conducted. In accordance with this law, there is an elected Mayor and Board of Trustees. They adopt the local laws, ordinances, and regulations which govern much of what residents may or may not do within the Village. The Board of Trustees, including the Mayor as the Chairman, sets policies, adopts the budget and approves all expenditures for the conduct of Village affairs, and the provision of various municipal services to the residents and public at large. The code of the Village of Lake Success contains all of the above, and may be viewed at the Village office during normal business hours. As per the Freedom of Information Act (FOIL) anyone may apply to receive copies (at a nominal charge) of any part of Village Code or public information documents.

Spyro Dimitratos
Spyro Dimitratos
Robert Gal, Trustee
Robert Gal

Fred Handsman
Lawrence Farkas, Trustee
Lawrence Farkas
Marian Lee

The Board consists of six Trustees and the Mayor who are elected for two-year terms. The Mayor and three Trustees are elected in even-numbered years, and the other three Trustees are elected in odd-numbered years. The Village Party of Lake Success, presently our only political entity, has an annual meeting to nominate individuals for the Mayor and Trustee positions. Each year the party holds a Meet the Candidates meeting and holds an election of the nominees who will represent the party at the general election which usually takes place the third Tuesday in June. After the general election, the winners are sworn in at the first Board of Trustees meeting in July.

The Mayor, with the consent of the Board of Trustees, appoints the Clerk-Treasurer, Deputy Clerk-Treasurer, Village Attorney, Building and Plumbing Inspector, Prosecuting Attorney, members of the Planning Board, Board of Appeals, Board of Assessors, Golf Commission, Park and Recreation Commission, and Environmental Commission. Appointments are made at the Annual Meeting which is the first Monday of July each year. The Mayor also assigns responsibility for particular departments or functions to the individual Trustees.

The Board of Trustees shall be held on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. with the exceptions of October, due to Columbus Day, which will be held on the 2nd Tuesday in October, in the Board Room of the Village Hall/Community Building, 318 Lakeville Road, Great Neck, N.Y. 11020.

Residents are always welcome and urged to attend.