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Mayor's letter

Dear Residents,

With Fall approaching, the Board of Trustees wanted to give an update on some capital projects that are currently being worked on and others that are needed and being contemplated.

As can be seen, the Village has currently embarked on a village wide road improvement project. Our Public Works Superintendent, Pat McDermott, has scored and graded all the roads within the Village. We have started repaving the worst of the roads first and will continue working into the Fall. Before we start on any repaving, we contact all the utility companies that provide service to our Village. If they are planning improvements to the infrastructure on your block we will not repave until their part of the work is completed. By working with these providers, we can ensure as minimal disruption to residents as possible. Working with the utility providers also allows us to participate in cost sharing which benefits us financially. So, if you believe your street is one of the worst and you see no activity, it is due to the impending utility work. Have no fear, we will get to your block when the time is right.

As in any aging home or building, things start to wear and need to be replaced. Our pool is close to 20 years old and our all-weather tennis courts are even older. The time has come to make some repairs and changes at the park. The first improvement will be changing our pool's sanitization system with the installation of a salt water generator. This generator uses salt and water to generate the chlorine needed to sanitize the pool. We will see an astronomical cost savings by not having to purchase chlorine from vendors. The equipment is expected to pay for itself in 5 years and we believe this improvement will have a life expectancy of 15-20 years. The second improvement will be repairing and replacing all deck tiles surrounding the perimeter of the pool. Third are pool restroom improvements that include the refinishing of the restrooms to make them more accessible for residents both young and old.

Next up are our tennis and basketball courts. The current three all-weather courts will be completely replaced with an all new surface and two of the red clay courts will be converted to all-weather courts. Two of the new all-weather courts will be dedicated to pickle ball and three will be for the continued enjoyment of tennis. Since this will be an enormous undertaking, we are currently entertaining various bids and proposals with different solutions. The courts will have all new fencing, drainage and whatever needs to be done to make the courts perfect. In addition, at the same time our ancient basketball court will be rebuilt and resurfaced. We are hoping to start this project in late Fall if we can acquire the bids needed and select the best qualified lowest bidder.

On to our golf course. Our golf course is the best condition it has ever been in. Our superintendent, Jon Price, works night and day to keep the course in absolute pristine condition. It is because of his hard work that our course is attracting many more nonresident members. These members help subsidize our resident members' dues. However, in spite of all his hard work, our sand traps are not up to the standards that one would expect at a top tier golf club. They are all nearly 20 years old, well past their usual life. Like any valuable asset, investments must be made to keep its value. We currently have an architect designing all new sand traps and some other improvements that go along with such work. This investment will add another 20 years of life to our sand traps and green surrounds. We are contemplating beginning this work next Fall and the Fall after. It is a 2-year project and with at least a years' time of preparation.

In addition, there may be some work relating to the driving range and the netting that protects the cars in our parking lot. As of now we have no official bids for the driving range work, but we will be seeking estimates in the near future. Costs for all of the above capital improvements are still being finalized, but we believe it will range close to 3.5 million. We plan on floating a bond for 15-20 years to pay back for the improvements. Please remember the commercial side of the village pays for nearly 45% of any of the improvements we undertake. In addition, for the golf course improvements we plan on assessing our nonresident members approximately 15-20% of the cost of the bond payment. We are hoping to have the residents only contribute approximately 40-45% of the improvements.

As we work through the budgeting and finalization of these projects the Board of Trustees and I will keep you updated along the way. We firmly believe these Capital Improvements are critical in ensuring the preservation of this wonderful Village we call home and enhancing the quality of life for future generations.

Adam Hoffman