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April 2022

Dear Residents

It’s been a while since my last letter and I’d like share changes and happenings in the Village.

We are happy to announce the Village has hired a new Grill Room operator and caterer. Alan Feinstein and his Executive Chef Dan Carey will be taking over culinary services for the Village. Alan and Dan have been partners since 2016 and have worked together at H on the Harbor, their Port Washington establishment. Together they have hosted over 1,400 events at their venue. During the pandemic they converted H on the Harbor into a restaurant that received all 4- and 5-star ratings and was rated one of the top 10 restaurants on Open Table. They and our Board are extremely excited for their team to be here. They are 100% committed to the Village and the needs of our residents. With a change of provider comes a new name, The Grand at Lake Success will be the catering name. The Grill Room will start service next week as we await approval of the final menus. The Board is looking forward to a new beginning and much excitement once again at the club. We will be hosting a Mother’s Day brunch so please check your emails and our Village website for information on reservations, menu options and other additional information.

Along with our standard Swiftreach message alert system, the Village has begun utilizing a new Village of Lake Success App to help improve communication to our residents and golf members. The Clubster app works on any mobile device or computer and can be found in your phone provider’s app store. Please download the app so you can receive current events, announcements, notifications and even share photos and videos with other group members.

The Board of Trustees approved and installed both a new automated phone system and access card system in the Community Building. This upgraded phone system allows you to more easily reach a Village Staff employee by simply dialing their extension and/or be able to leave a detailed voice message. The access system is intended to increase safety by preventing unauthorized individuals from entering the building. It also helps protect our staff, residents and their personal property. Access to the Fitness Center and Lower Level of the Community Building is now reserved for Fitness Center and Golf Members only. Those purchasing a locker will also be authorized an access card which can be picked up at the Village Office.

The Fitness Center is now offering private training sessions along with group fitness classes, including yoga and TRX (Total Body Resistance) classes. Please visit our Village website for information regarding Fitness Center rules, regs and membership. For those of you that have yet to utilize our gym please do. We have a variety of equipment from free weights to spin bikes and all for a very reasonable annual fee. And who can forget the breathtaking view of our lake from the Fitness Center.

I am happy to announce that the Lake Success Nursery Camp, led by long term resident Maria Rudman, is now accepting applications for the 2022 season. The Camp provides a safe, fun and enriching environment for children and grandchildren of residents ages 3 to 11. Camp runs from Wednesday, June 29, 2022 to Friday, August 12, 2022. More information can be found on the Village website or by contacting the camp directly at

Recently, we saw the resurrection of the Mayor’s Advisory Council. This council, led by Chairperson David Milner, meets quarterly, or as needed, to brainstorm topics, concerns and ideas geared towards bettering the Village. Please remember that meetings of the Mayor’s Advisory Council are open to all residents as are meetings of the Board of Trustees and our various Commissions. I encourage you to become involved in your local government and to support many of the community groups working to enhance the quality of life in our Village. Your ideas and participation are of value to the Village. More information on our various committees and ways and to participate can be found on our Village website at

Our Department of Public works has already begun preparing for the warmer weather by cleaning out catch basins, flushing our sewers and attending to any road damage that may have been caused by weather, equipment or regular use over the winter months. Our Superintendent of Public Works, Patrick McDermott and DPW Liaison, Fred Handsman will thoroughly evaluate and prioritize each road so that repairs can be made quickly and properly.

If you are thinking of performing work on your home, whether exterior or interior, please contact our Building Department with any questions pertaining to our construction ordinances. They will gladly help ensure you are in compliance with our code. A Building permit is required to construct any new structure or improve existing buildings and other structures. Building construction plans and other documents must be submitted for review to ensure that construction projects comply with standards for building safety, accessibility, land use and zoning. It is required that your contractor meet with our Building Department before construction begins. During this meeting our Building Inspector will inform you of all the rules and regulations regarding construction in our village. If the meeting does not occur no permit will be issued. Remember there is no construction allowed on weekends and all job sites must be kept clean and orderly. Permits are also required for the evaluation of and removal of trees. There are strict penalty fees associated with non-compliance of our code and ordinances. Please contact our Building Inspector, Bob Bonnie at 516-482-4411 x 107 or our Code Enforcer, Ed Horan at 516-482-4411 x 108 for more information.

The safety of our community always remains a top priority in Lake Success. You can do your part in assisting our police by following all Village codes and ordinances. If you see something, say something. Please alert our police to any suspicious activity immediately by calling 516-482-4600. Remember, there is no overnight parking on our streets. The no parking rule helps our police identify any unusual activity in the neighborhood. If you have guests staying at your home and find a need to park vehicles in front of your home, please call the Police Department to be put on the permission list. Auto theft is on the rise and I strongly encourage you to please lock your cars and do not leave keys in your car. Activate your home alarm system at all times. Locking car doors and using your alarm deters burglaries and prevents crimes. If you are going away on vacation or for a long weekend getaway, please notify the police. They will gladly check on your home each day while you are out of town. Also, please remember to keep some lights on at night and make sure your house number is properly illuminated. This assists the police and other first responders in finding your home in an emergency.

The last couple of years have been quite trying for all of us. Our village would not have run so smoothly without all our village employees. I would personally like to express my gratitude to our Board of Trustees, Office Staff, Police, Golf, DPW maintenance crews and all the resident committee volunteers for their continuous hard work and dedication to the Village.

I wish you all the very best for 2022. Your ideas, input and feedback are so very beneficial in understanding the concerns of our community. I am honored to be your Mayor.


Adam C. Hoffman